The Esair Open Challenge - Winter 2012 Edition! How good are you at painting?

Female Dark Elves 28mm fantasy football team

The Challenge

Baueda Wargames is challenging the best miniature painters and converters out there to measure up with our new Esair line!
If you think you have what it takes, then paint any figure of the Esir range in the way you like best, and send us a picture. Every time we will offer a prize for the challenge winner, including free miniature packs, discounts, limited edition figures and more! The challenge will run only for a limited time, so hurry! We will post all the best efforts in our Gallery pages and once the challenge is over will select the one we think is the very best. Will yours make it?

Current Edition

Winter 2012 CHALLENGE: 1st September - 31st December 2012
Challenge prize: Night Talons Dokkalfar (Female Moriquendi 28mm football team)
Includes one each of:
28TRX1 2 Passer-Throwers
28TRX2 2 Catcher-Grabbers
2 packs of 28TRX3 2 Stopper-Blockers
and 2 packs of 28TRX4 2 Blitzer-Dodgers
6 packs for 12 miniatures in total!

Please note there are no handling or hidden charges whatsoever but if you don't live in Europe you may still have to pay for shipping, charged at cost, your choice of postal service. That's all, so don't waste time, start your piece now and win one of our fantastic prizes!!

The Rules

Rules are few and as short and simple as we can make them:
  1. To partecipate to the challenge you need to with attached the picture you want to submit. The mail must explicetely state that you want to enter the Challenge, and by that you give us permission to alter and use your picture on our website in any way we see fit. You take full responsability for stating the truth.

  2. At least some of the figures in the picture must be from the Esair range: you're free to pick whatever subject or figures you like and even convert it as much as you like, as long as the picture contains elements from the range.

  3. The picture should be no more than 2MB. We reserve the right to alter, edit and trasform the picture in any way we deem necessary. Due credit will be given to the author at the best of our possibilities.

  4. You can not send more than one picture for each entry. If you want to submit two or more pictures you'll need to make a separate submission for each of them. We will accept a maximum of three (3) submissions fom each painter for every Challenge. Please note that you submit the picture itself, not the model, to the Challenge, so it's irrelevant if the pictures are all of the same figure or not!

  5. If you submit a picture and it is not accepted please do not re-submit it again. You're free to submit different pictures of the same model or figures however, but the more similar they are to those rejected the more likely they'll be again! If your picture is accepted we may or may not choose to display it in our Gallery Page. If it wins the Challenge in any month it will be displayed and will remain in our Gallery Page.

  6. By submitting a picture and entering the Challenge you agree to accept our judgement and final decision in all matters regarding the Challenge. Baueda Wargames Sas reserves unlimited rights to refuse or approve your submission.

  7. Baueda Wargames Sas will choose a winner each month based purely on our capricious wims alone. Baueda Wargames Sas also reserve the right to change its mind and nominate a different winner at any time. Said that, (for legal reasons) we're really nice guys and if you play nice you'll get all our respect. The author will be notified and contacted as soon as possible regarding his prize.

  8. The prize will be announced each month on our website, Facebook page and on our Yahoo group We will do our best to avoid changing it, but we have to reserve the right to change it at any time without warning. Please note that if we don't receive at least 2 entries for the contest in a given month we may extend the contest lenght.

  9. What are you still waiting for? Go grab that brush!

The Winners Hall of Fame

  • July 2006 competition has been won by Simon with his fabulous "Trog Want Dat!" scene. Simon won a mean lean Trog warband including more than 32 foot figures, well done mate!
  • January 2007 competition has been won by Stan with his lovely "Trog masha" figure. Stan won a fearsome Trog Porcupine including 12 spearmen plus 3 command figures, good one!

Check out our gallery to see all the challengers contributions to date!


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